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Counselling engages and works with a range of mental health issues that can impact on so many of us in some way or another at different times in our lives. Through supportive Counselling & Psychotherapy we can begin our journey.

We all have transitional periods throughout our lives that bring about choices to be made and the implications that our decisions will have on our direction in life, and who will be part of that life.

Don’t be alone in time of difficulties; don’t become isolated in moments of indecision, not knowing and fearing direction. Talk to a professional who can facilitate and support you, give you strength and clarity of mind.

Contact Counselling, by phone or email, and we will have a talk and if you are comfortable with it, we can set up an initial meeting and take it from there.

Below is a description for some common Mental Health Issues:-


Anxiety can be characterised by an assortment of elements from behavioural, emotional, and somatic. The results being often ones of great apprehension and worry around threats that are seen to be out of ones control.

Having serious impact on ones day to day engagements and on ones health, it is important that we have somewhere that we can talk about and communicate our feelings and experiences.

In addressing general anxiety disorder (GAD), this long term disorder is complicated in that it can bring about anxious feelings about a varying array of situations and issues, rather then just been focused on one particular event.

The affects can be ones of both psychological and physical, bringing about possible difficulties in concentration, sleeping and consistent worry, to name but a few. Anxiety can be recognised as a main symptom of and associated in the following:-

  • Panic Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Social Anxiety
  • Agoraphobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

We all experience anxiety from time to time, but if anxiety gets to a stage of being out of proportion that becomes debilitating, it is important to feel confident in reaching out for help and guidance. Don’t be alone. Call Keatinge Counselling and find out more on keeping safe and how we can help.


Experiences in life can at times be upsetting with low moods and stressful. This in most cases is perfectly normal, and will pass in time. It is when these feelings persist over a number of weeks, and interfere in our every day lives, that it could be a sign that you are depressed.

If these low moods or lack of motivation persist, you should take precautions to look after yourself by contacting your GP for support. In turn considering talking with a therapist could give you a safe place to talk about and explore in a trusting environment, your experiences of life to date, and be really listened to and supported. You should not suffer alone, as depression is a treatable condition.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression may be present yet not recognized in many ways. Sometimes we are so busy in life, becoming run down, tired, stressed, even isolated, yet not associating any of these with a possible depressive experience. Through supportive Counselling & Psychotherapy we can work together on some of the following symptoms that are associated with depression:

  • Lacking interest in engaging in life

  • Recoiling from social engagements
  • Trouble with sleeping
  • Irregular eating habits – causing weight gain or loss
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Lacking self-confidence
  • Loss of coping skills
  • Struggling with things that were previously easier
  • Blaming yourself for everything
  • Lost interest in sex
  • Self-harming behaviour
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Struggling to make decisions
  • Isolating one self

If four or more of these are present in your life today, contact Keatinge Counselling, and we can arrange to meet. Experiences past and present can have an effect on how we feel about ourselves. If our feelings are predominately negative, these in turn can cause a vacuum, a downward spiral leading into a dark troubled, lonely world. Don’t be alone. Call Keatinge Counselling and find out more on keeping safe and how we can help 

Domestic Violence / Abuse

Domestic violence is where a person tries to assert ones power over and control their partner. Domestic violence and abuse has no airs and graces, it can affect anyone, women or men, as either can be the perpetrators or end up becoming the victim.

The problem is often over looked or dismissed, with the victim often blaming themselves, saying things like ‘if I hadn’t said that or done that, he/she would never have being like that with me....’.

The reality of domestic violence is that it has victims living in fear, and no one should have to endure such living. Often the psychological and emotional abuse can be excused without any real self acknowledgement of the harm this control is having. The physical and sexual violence is so blunt that it is harder to deny, yet still often excused away through fear of reprisals and even further isolation.

Types of abuse / violence

  • Physical abuse – punched, beaten, pushed around, rapped, slapped.

  • Emotional abuse – being put down, criticized, controlled, trapped.
  • Sexual abuse – rapped and beaten, sexually degraded
  • Financial abuse – denying money; account for all expenditures; no sex no money.

Abusers use a variety of ways to manipulate, exert their power and control you. These come in the form of Dominance; Humiliation; Isolation; Threats; Intimidation; Denial and Blame.

If you think any of the outlined above applies to you, and you feel you may be in an abusive relationship on some level then reach out for support. Don’t be alone. Call Keatinge Counselling and find out more on keeping safe and how we can help.

Bereavement and Loss

Life inevitably brings with it experiences of great losses and sadness, leading to a path of grief which we all deal with in a different way. For some the pain can be so overwhelming that one may find themselves stuck and struggling to move on in life, and talk consistently of their loss and pain. Others will suffer in silence, communicating with no-one.

Feelings of loss can be around the death of a loved one, and the coming to terms with their absence and the vacuum of emptiness that this can cause. The silence of this can be deafening.

Feelings of loss can also come about through separation and divorce, when the person has not died, but the relationship has, and the complicated grief that this can cause in trying to move on knowing your past partner has gone, yet still in a way has not gone, leading to confusion and contradictions of emotions.

  • Shock – emotional withdrawal; numbness.

  • Denial – No real acknowledgement of the loss
  • Depression – pain; loneliness; withdrawal; isolation; crying.
  • Guilt – looking back wondering could they have done anything more.
  • Anxiety – worrying about what the loss implies and the changes.
  • Anger – lashing out, looking to blame.
  • Acceptance – moving on; letting go; saying goodbye.

If you are experiencing a bereavement or loss on any level, there is no need to be stuck or to be alone. Call Keatinge Counselling and find out more on the difficulties and confusion of loss and grief and how we can support you through this difficult time.


Bullying can be violent and abusive on an emotional as well as a physical level. Continuous acts of bullying are a way of trying to overpower the victim’s sense of self, to attempt to dominate and control the victim. This creates a complete imbalance of power, and those who are at the mercy of their bullies can suffer great emotional problems, possibly leading to loneliness and stress which in turn may lead to anxiety and depression.

Listed below are a few forms of bullying

  • Cyber – Probably one of the newest, most aggressive and cowardly forms of bullying, using on-line social media sites and texting.

  • Emotional – Undermining individuals self worth and intimidation.
  • Physical – Using violence such as kicking and punching.
  • Social – Isolating individuals from social gatherings and turning others against them.
  • Verbal – Calling people names, belittling them and making fun of them.

If you have suffered from bullying in work, home, or social environments, in any manner then counselling could be a very productive, supportive and safe environment for you to talk about and share these difficult experiences. Through counselling, trust, self-esteem and confidence can be re-established leading to growth and healing.

Avoid long-term problems such as loneliness, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety by contacting Keatinge Counselling and find out more on keeping safe in the face of adverse experiences brought about through bullies.

Cultural Issues

As the world is to all intensive purposes, through ease of travel, getting smaller, this in turn is leading to a diversity cultures and with that people that are far from what they have grown up with calling home. Culture includes patterns of traditions, beliefs and values and even expectations that when having landed in another country can be difficult to understand and uphold on our own. The pressure can be overwhelming.

We all have our differences, but it is this that can give us our strengths through learning and understand more about ourselves, our cultural backgrounds and where we find ourselves now.

There are many cultures to be found within our families, our work and social worlds that sometimes may cause great conflict and contradiction, leading to confusion, loneliness and isolation while feeling misunderstood or feelings of been bullied?

If you have found yourself struggling with loneliness and are confused about what to do or whom to talk to, it is important that you reach out to be heard. Don’t be lonely, be listened to, be supported and be encouraged.

To find yourself having come from another country and having difficulty with integration into another culture can be lonely and confusing. To need someone to talk to, to need someone that can listen in a truly non-judgemental way, in a safe place of trust and support is important.

Don’t feel lost and alone in the struggle of possible cultural differences and integration, contact Keatinge Counselling to find out more about understanding your difficulties within the cultural dynamics you find yourself in.

Sexual Issues

Sexual issues our most prevalent at tie of stress and change on our lives, though sexual issues can arise at any times. If life is a struggle and one is suffering from low moods, depression, anxiety, then stress will be predominantly the undercurrent and a driver that can impact on our sex lives.

Sex is something that can be seen by each partner in a different light. In other words what sex may represent to one partner may be not be in tune with their partner’s understanding of what sex represents to them. To one it may represent ‘how much you love me’; to another it may be more about ‘being intimate, sharing emotionally and physically special moments through the closeness of sex’.

Emotional and physical trust in the relationship is crucial for a couple to have, if they want a lasting emotional, physical and sexual togetherness that can last the test of time. Sex after all should have an element of fun and enjoyment to it as well as love and intimacy.

Below are possible sexual issues that can arise:

  • If sex is to become painful for one partner

  • Tension and fighting a lot around sex
  • Impotence / Erectile dysfunction
  • Lost interest in sex / Low Libido
  • Not being able to get aroused
  • When the pressure of performance causes avoidance of sex

As a couple we each bring to the relationship our own understandings, beliefs and values as to what is right and wrong, and what is good or bad. These values and beliefs will mostly come from our family upbringing, of what was said or unsaid, leading to messages open to interpretation. The taboo that may be adopted around sex can make it a topic that is avoided or dismissed. This in turn sends out all types of confusion and distress for those growing up in these family dynamics, leading to certain attitudes about sex being accepted as the norm.

In looking at past and present experiences we will endeavour to explore the psychological and emotional implications of the relevant sexual difficulty. Contact Keatinge Counselling to find out more and to be able to work within a professionally, trusting, safe and supportive environment.

Sexual Identity

For any of us to be struggling with sexual identity can be a very lonely, intimidating place to be. It can be a world of isolation, of feeling misunderstood and confused as the world around seems so daunting, been driven by expectations and cultural norms. It may be hurtful and complicated in the face of reality.

During the emotional upheaval and the psychological pain one needs supporting through the transition of acceptance of oneself and ones sexual identity. As life changing decisions are reflected upon and one comes to terms with learning through counselling, the resources and the coping skills needed to aid ones transitional journey.

To be able to come to terms with ones sexual orientation within such a diverse society takes courage in the face of such prejudice and homophobia that are still prevalent within society. These in themselves bring about high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Familiar at all?

  • Anxious, depressed and alone

  • Attracted to same sex, yet feel ashamed so hide
  • Tired of portraying to be one way, yet feel another
  • Worry about the impact of coming out
  • Confused about what you are feeling
  • Struggling to fit into others expectations for you
  • Afraid to reach out and explore your sexual identity
  • Fear of letting others down and disappointing

The implications of your transition can be explored through counselling, as for many this journey is a difficult one full of overwhelming emotions and pitfalls unseen. These all need to be navigated successfully, and with the help of a professional counsellor and therapist, you will not be alone.

Don’t find yourself alone, there is no need to be. Contact Keatinge Counselling to find out more about being safe in the face of such discrimination and prejudice, and we can work together in a supportive, safe and trusting environment to help explore choices and emotions being experienced.

Relationship Issues

Life is full of ups and downs and with our busy hectic lives we tend to live these days, it can at times be difficult to find time for ourselves, let alone for each other. Relationships are challenging at the best of times, and often our ability to truly communicate with each other is lost in our struggle to get our mountain of jobs done every day. Supportive Counselling & Psychotherapy is essential to facilitat

To think of the line ‘two ships passing in the night’, is appropriate when working with relationship issues. It is not unusual for couples to find ourselves living with ones partner for years, only to realize one day that though you see each other every day, you are not communicating on a level that you really get each other.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Lack of communication

  • Jealousy and insecurity
  • Trust in your partner or yourself
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Struggling to make time for each other
  • Feelings of being smothered by partner – not getting your own space
  • Control issues
  • Interests and priorities change with time causing conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Financial pressures causing unhelpful conflict

A struggling relationship can be a sad, heartbreaking realization to be in and a predicament that no one would wish to be caught up in. No matter how much you may try to resolve the situation, the problems just seem to persist, gaining momentum, causing abnormal conflict within the relationship and driving a wedge between you.

The more you try to talk to your partner, the less you seem to be able to listen, the more defensive you may get, and the more distant you seem to be, causing a blockage and an inability to communicate properly with each other.

Our way of being and our struggle with communication in a relationship can become a habit that we may be completely unaware of. Through working with a professional counsellor you can learn to come to terms with and to understand what is going on and why this is happening.

Learning to resolve conflict is important to building a better understanding of each other and build a trust that leads to a stronger relationship. To learn the ability to nurture and support each other play an important part of long-term success in ones relationship.

If you find yourself feeling alone struggling with your relationship and need someone to talk to in complete confidentiality and trust, contact Keatinge Counselling to find out more and to be supported in a safe environment through these difficult turbulent uncomfortable times.

Separation / Divorce

Couples consideration separation or divorce may have many reasons for reaching this decision. Some of these may be infidelity; unresolved conflict; lost love; lack of trust; to name but a few. Yet it is important to come to terms with the realization of the impact on so many aspects of ones life that separation or divorce will inevitably bring about.

Below are some impacts:

  • Living situations

  • Financial pressures
  • Extended family
  • Friends – will you loose friendship groups what you have had for so long
  • Children and how it will affect them
  • Confidence in relationships
  • Depression and isolation

Counselling can give you a safe space to discuss and explore within a trusting environment the difficult, sensitive and emotional issues that need to be vented in a way that you feel supported.

The ending of a relationship through separation or divorce is indeed a big decision and one not to be taken lightly. To work with a professional counsellor can help you to truly examine your choices in a non-judgemental way, while at the same time paying real supportive attention to your emotional well being.

Separation or divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in ones life, encompassing such difficult emotions such as grief, anger, guilt, fear, shame and depression. The transition from been married to being single is part of the emotional upheaval and road to discovery.

In these difficult, confusing, angry times, contact Keatinge Counselling to find out more and to work in a professional environment. Keating Counselling can give you that safe and supporting place for you to be heard, and to be truly listened to in a non-judgemental counselling relationship