Counselling & Psychotherapy

In practice I work as an Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist. So what does this mean? This involves the ability of the therapist to use a number of different schools of psychotherapy, encompassing Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, so as to be able to work with and meet the client on a level that works best for them.Everyone comes to therapy with a different narrative, a different story. The exploration of these stories, through looking at thoughts, feelings as well as a persons beliefs and values are part of the process. This in turn can lead towards reflecting upon previously learnt and developed patterns and behaviours that impact on our everyday way of being and how that is or is not working for us in our present day lives.

The therapeutic relationship is a truly special relationship built on trust and confidentiality that in turn promotes exploration, leading towards awareness, healing and growth in the face of underlying difficulties.

Working from a humanistic approach of person-centred psychotherapy, this puts the individual’s needs and their ability to truly engage in their life in a healthy way, at the heart of the therapeutic relationship. This accompanied by working in collaboration with the psychodynamic lends towards the exploration of the unconscious. This can in turn bring about clarity and a better understanding of the way we are in the world and the challenges that are presently at large serving only to stall our ability to be the way we would truly like to be.

In considering therapy it is only natural to feel uncertainty around the course of direction that would be most suited to you.

So I would recommend that you make contact with Counselling and we can arrange an initial meeting. This would give us both the opportunity to meet and talk about the difficulties that are bringing you to counselling, and we can discuss if therapy would be the right thing for you; if we feel we can work together; and then discuss the best plan moving forward that suits all parties concerned.

This first session is an assessment (50mins approx). I ask you about your reasons for seeking counselling, I ask you about yourself, your history and what it is that you hope to achieve. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about me and the therapeutic process.

If we feel we can work well together then we can come to an agreement. This will highlight the confidential nature of working together, our commitment to weekly sessions and time agreed, and the cancelation process.

Typically we may agree to work together for a number of sessions, for example 6 sessions, after which we can review how everything is going, and then make further plans based on the work done to date..