Introducing, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Hello, I come into the Therapeutic arena from the corporate dynamics of the sales industry, a very driven and competitive environment full of goals and targets. Though in reflection, it is also an industry from which there is an incredible learning and insight into the behaviors and patterns of individuals and groups through observations and awareness, in which I include myself. The insight we can get if we are open to considering that there is opportunity in everything, can seriously change the direction of our lives.

From this background, along with my own life experience to date, I returned to college and was awarded a BA (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy from DBS College, Dublin 2. This in turn complemented my previously awarded Higher Diploma in Life & Business Coaching from the Coaching Centre, Dublin 2.

I believe that Counselling & Psychotherapy can bring about great healing and insight, awareness and clarity, through the therapeutic relationship that encompasses a wonderful trust, confidentiality and support that can be rarely found elsewhere.

 As well as working for non-profit charity organisations that are committed to providing counselling and support for all those in the surrounding community


I believe that to give ourselves the gift of counselling, is to give ourselves the gift of truly looking at and reflecting on the most personal, difficult, hurtful, and traumatic experiences of our lives to date. This journey is part of a supportive structure, a trusting, non-judgemental, and confidential relationship that is the core of the therapeutic relationship.

The gift of giving ourselves the chance to look at what it is in life that is bringing about anxiety, depression, relationship problems, loneliness, but to name a few, is probably the most difficult yet the most incredibly rewarding gift we can choose to give to ourselves.